8 facts about managers

For this article I wanted to share 8 facts about managers. I coach several business leaders and I see how important management training and coaching is. Here are some facts on the subject.

60% of new managers underperform in their first two years. Those who survive develop bad habits that they will keep throughout their careers.


85% do not receive any training before moving on to the role of manager.


Employees join companies but leave managers.


Managers account for over 70% of employee engagement results.


It takes a great manager to keep a team happy and engaged.


Being a great manager doesn’t come naturally.


The transition from a successful employee to a successful manager is not easy.


A new manager needs a new set of skills.


I see managers every day who were successful employees and got promoted. Unfortunately, in all cases, they were promoted without training or coaching that would have allowed them to develop the necessary skills set for their new role.

In order to be a great manager, you need a combination of skills. It’s like a new job. If I want to become a dentist tomorrow morning, I will have to acquire knowledge and new skills. I am not going to be a dentist by learning on the job.

Unfortunately, it is believed that with a managerial position it is possible to learn on the job. Well, it is not!

Also, it’s sometimes easy to forget that you are not working with robots. People are complex, which is why it is difficult to manage them.

In today’s high-performance environment, it’s easy to get caught up in the race for results and forget about the highly complex human beings you need in order to achieve those results.

Knowing how to mobilize your team is an art. New managers who receive training and coaching that allow them to develop the necessary skills are in a better position to become effective leaders, able to generate employee engagement and achieve better results for their organization.

It’s never too late to do it right. Train and coach your managers! In addition, Emploi Québec can subsidize training up to 50%. So why not do it? You could have great managers in your business, rally and keep your people.

It’s so difficult to find workers today, why not work to keep and mobilize the ones you have?

I leave you with this picture of the skills needed to become an excellent manager.


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