And after, your transformation?

And after? What are you going to do with your business? Did this period of crisis make you think? Will you continue to do things as before?

Usually crises bring big changes. The course of things quietly resumes after confinement, in a new reality. What have been the challenges of your organization during the past 2 months? I hope you took advantage of this time to think about what needed to be transformed.

Some would say that because the situation is exceptional it is not worth changing. I don’t believe it. We must evolve and improve and this crisis forces us to do so.

I’ve heard several predictions that one third, one quarter, and even two thirds of SMEs in some sectors will not survive the crisis. We will, of course, know the exact number afterwards, but whatever the number, it is quite worrying, don’t you think?

In Quebec, there are nearly 240,000 businesses with fewer than 99 employees, 4,300 businesses that hire between 100 and 499 people, and only about 600 have 500 or more employees.

SMEs (fewer than 500 employees) in Quebec employ more than 2.3 million workers, accounting for 93% of jobs. This is more than significant, and if the predictions prove to be true, it will be a lot of job losses.

Some will say that it will be good for them because the general lack of employees in Canada is still there and they will finally be able to find candidates. But you still need to know what are the right roles and responsibilities for your organization to then attract and keep these people. Employee’s retention will be even more difficult after the crisis, people have experienced a new reality and would probably want something else. What will you do to stand out and mobilize your employees?

You cannot motivate someone, the motivation is internal to each of us, but you can set up a mobilizing environment that will encourage the motivation of your teams. Like having flexible hours, allowing remote work, trusting your employees and showing recognition.

If you offer remote work, do you know how to manage remote teams?

Do not hesitate to seek help from a consultant who has the expertise you need in management coaching and who can help you, like us!

Do you dream of having the dream team to transform your business and take it to another level? If so, take the bull by the horns and start your transformation.

We offer an excellent training, that is available in videoconference and that is followed by personalized management coaching. What are you waiting for to make your team a star team?

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