Are you a good coach for your employees?

Are you a good coach for your employees? That’s good question you will surely answer: of course! I’d like you to reflect on what requirements make you a good coach.

But first, what is a coach? If you take the definition of a hockey or soccer coach, the coach is a trainer, responsible for leading the team, preparing strategies and deciding who is going to play or not. A hockey coach will analyze past games and prepare for future games. Coaches determine the style the team will play (battle, defensive, teamwork). They can also help in improving the physical condition of players, etc.

In comparison, what is a management coach? Is it so different from a sports’ coach? I’ll let you answer.

Being a good coach is not about choosing the easy way. It takes courage, patience, the ability to listen and honesty.  Knowing how to give feedback both positive and constructive when something is wrong is necessary. Taking the time with your employees and know how to tell the real things in the right way is key. Encouraging, thanking, appreciating and laughing too!  Some will say that if they thank their employees too much then they will get accustomed to it and that it is not good, so they don’t do it. What a mistake.

I often see managers in SMEs who have climbed the ladder without any notion or management skills. Often these people have not had the chance to be trained and coached.  Know that to to be a good manager, you need skills.

Here is another example.  The majority of you have children. If your child makes mistakes, will he learn better if you continually reprimand him or if you explain to him that what he did is not correct by explaining why in a positive way? It is proven that someone will not improve if he is continually reprimanded, unlike someone who will flourish if encouraged and supported.

So why not do the same with your employees? Your employees will be motivated, happy, positive, interested in going beyond, have fun doing their job, and so on. Isn’t it what you want from an ideal employee? You must as a good manager and coach know to arouse this motivation, this does not just come from employees.

I was talking about skills. Yes, it takes skills to be a manager. If you do not have them, well go and get them. Take trainings, read on topics to improve, take a management coach whether internal or external to your corporation, such as contacting us.

If you wish to become a good coach and a good manager, you must develop yourself!

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