Review of the preventive maintenance program


In business the mentality is often, unfortunately, when it breaks, we’ll fix it.

A brief preventive maintenance program is usually in place, but inspections are often not done. A report of overdue tasks is sent to the maintenance supervisor on a monthly basis, but priority should always go to production and very little time is given to maintenance to perform maintenance. As a result, several pieces of equipment breakdown daily, stopping production for several hours or days. The company has very few spare parts and does not know which equipment is more at risk of causing critical production downtime.

The mandate

Review the preventive maintenance program to reduce breakage and downtime.

  • With the help of an engineering student, the list of equipment was reviewed, and all were numbered.
  • The tasks and frequencies of maintenance by equipment were established and reviewed with the mechanics.
  • Tasks have been standardized for the same types of equipment.
  • An assessment of the risk of breakage depending on the equipment has been carried out.
  • Performance indicators have been put in place to keep track and monitor.
  • Rigorous planning of maintenance tasks to be done each week with the planning team.


  • More than 155 pieces of equipment were not included in the preventive maintenance program.
  • Increased motivation of mechanics and supervisors thanks to their involvement in the review of this program and in the anticipation of a reduction in breakdowns in the medium term.
  • Knowledge of the level of risk of equipment failure by management, which made it possible to set up a replacement plan accordingly for the coming years.
  • Change in corporate culture towards a preventive mode instead of a reactive mode.
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