How to implement a lockout program

Implementing a lockout tagout program is easy! Yes, that’s true. All that is needed is time and resources.

But how to do it? First you can hire an experienced consultant who will guide you and help you through the steps, like us! If, however, you feel up to the challenge, here are the major steps you will have to take to get there.

Change Management

First, as in any new project, change management is very important. With the implementation of lockout tagout in your business, you bring a significant change of culture. It is therefore essential that you involve your teams from the beginning and that you speak to all those who will have to use it. The more you prepare your people for the future obligation to lockout, the easier it will be afterwards.

So good change management is important if you want lockout tagout program to be a success.

Know and understand the norm

Second important point, you need to know and understand the standard on lockout. Understand the minimum requirements to meet, the why of this standard and know how to explain and defend it with your people. Especially those who will be reluctant and who will tell you, “well, we never locked and we never had any accident …”. Conduct research on the CSST website.

Steps to Implement the Lockout Program

  • Identify those responsible for the program in-house.
  • Define your ways of doing things according to the different lockout situations (ex, single padlock, multiple, change of shift, forgetfulness of a padlock, responsibilities of different groups within the company, etc.).
  • Write your general lockout procedure.
  • Define what equipment and components are for you, number and identify them physically.
  • Define the format of your lockout tagout procedures by equipment (what information you want to include).
  • Establish your equipment lockout procedures with your maintenance staff.
  • Choose lockout software, train responsible people and input data.
  • You will need to make the budget estimate and possibly (depending on the company) do the financial justification of the project (possible saving of your premium paid to the CSST). Obviously you will have to do budgetary monitoring of the project
  • Establish a project schedule and follow it.
  • Purchase install and distribute the various components required (padlocks, cabinets, clamps, devices, etc.).
  • Purchase required components to modify equipment such as lockable valves and disconnects.
  • Modify the equipment in order to simplify the lockout and encourage use.
  • As a result of the changes, update your procedures.
  • Train your employees (operators, technical staff, managers, health and safety teams, management, etc.).

Audit and monitoring of the program

Implement follow-up audits of the program according to the frequency that you will determine necessary. Initially, have closer audits.

And now, voila. If you need help, in part or in whole to set up your lockout program, contact us!

Lockout tagout and health and safety at work are important! Good lockout tagout!

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