New training on project management

3 half-days where we will go over every step of a good project management as well as key factors to make all your projects a success!

Do your projects meet deadlines and budgets? What are the expectations for your projects? Are the deliverables clearly identified? Do your project managers have the key skills to do their job well?

How can you make your projects a success every time? It’s not complicated! We will share with you our experience and tips in managing hundreds of projects, acquired over the past 24 years. Simple stuff and easy to apply.

We will go through all the stages of a project, from planning to closing.

This training is interactive.  We will go through a sample project to understand every step and we will discuss your projects and challenges to help you in your execution.

You will also leave this training with an action plan to improve yourself. This plan can serve as a development plan and you can follow it with your boss or colleagues to improve the management of your projects.

Following this training, we can offer individual or team coaching sessions to continue and maintain learning of the training. The benefits of coaching:

  • increase the performance of project managers on a daily basis;
  • know how to react according to the case;
  • enable development of skills;
  • provide a quick return on investment;
  • provide an external, neutral and objective vision.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more details at [email protected]

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