Our Organization

Groupe conseil Bernier Saulnier

About us

Founded by Liza Saulnier and Martin Bernier, the Groupe Conseil Bernier Saulnier specializes in business transformation.
Our simple and structured approach is based on our extensive practical experience in operations management and allows us to help committed business leaders who want to grow their organization.

Our mission

To listen, diagnose and support companies to solve operational problems and motivate their transformation.

Our values

Every day we do our work based on these values, which are part of us.


Every business is different because of its culture and its people. We really pay attention to your concerns and your problems in order to offer you simple and concrete actions that will meet your expectations and your needs.

We firmly believe that as a team you can do anything. We work daily to strengthen this value in partnership with our clients in order to increase their force of action so that they can improve and achieve better results.


Changing is difficult and transforming and improving your business takes discipline. We have some! We will share it with you to help you solidify and sustain the changes, so that your transformation is a success.

Knowledge Sharing

We are independent and we aim for you to be as well. The training and coaching on the principles of management and continuous improvement that we will use will allow you to acquire knowledge that you can reuse throughout the life of your business in order to continue to surpass yourself.

Our management team

Liza Saulnier

Engineer & MBA

Liza is a senior manager, an electrical engineer with an MBA and a Lean Six Sigma black belt certification. Liza also works as an external consultant to BDC as a business advisor in improving operational efficiency.

Having extensive experience in continuous improvement and change management, she manages and coordinates multiple business transformations on a daily basis, aimed at optimizing productivity, improving processes and management and executive skills.

It is with her 25 years of experience, her consulting expertise in addition to her years of direct experience in production, engineering, maintenance and project management within high performance multinationals in very regulated fields such as pharmaceuticals, aeronautics and food that Liza helps SMEs on a daily basis by having a strategic advisory role.

Ambassador of the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec, she works to promote the profession to young people, mainly to young girls.

Martin Bernier

Engineer & MBA

Martin is a senior manager, electronics engineer and has also completed an MBA.

With 26 years of experience in the design and support of electronic products in the commercial and industrial sectors, Martin has held several leadership positions in engineering, design, and technical and commercial support.

He has an active advisory role to management and actively participates in strategic planning and development.


Our team of collaborators

Our team also includes among its members experienced collaborators in different business areas, who will support you in making your projects a success, according to your specific needs.
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