Spring cleaning

It will soon be spring! We all want to clean winter’s clutter in the garage, start our spring cleaning. But why not take the opportunity to clean up in your business?


Is the layout of your workplace optimal? Is everything in its place?


How much time, every day, do your employees spend looking for things, tools, files on their computers or on the network? Do your service technicians go back and forth because they are missing parts? How much does time lost cost you?


Estimating that each of your employee is losing 15 to 30 minutes a day because everything is not completely in order and in its place, how much do you think this situation costs you at the end of a year? A quick calculation for a company of 50 employees, estimating a loss of 15 minutes a day, at an hourly rate of $ 25/h including benefits, it sums up to close to $ 82,000/year.


It can add up to a significant loss over the years.


How can you eliminate this waste of time? Implement a 5S in your business. A 5S is a methodology for organizing places and workstations. It aims to improve organization, cleanliness, safety and productivity. The 5S are 5 Japanese words (as invented by Toyota) that start with S.


In English the 5 words are translated as follows: rid, clean, tidy, standardize and follow.


It is much more than a simple spring cleaning, but a way of thinking that is one of the basics of continuous improvement. A 5S can be done in offices, computers, warehouses, production, maintenance, etc. A 5S can be done anywhere in every sector of your business.


A key to the success of a 5S is that management must believe in it and set the example. The process must be applied throughout your company, not just in one area. And most importantly, everyone must be rigorous in their follow-up.


It’s like cleaning the garage in spring: it’s beautiful and orderly for 2 weeks and then the mess comes back if we do not exercise rigour to maintain our work.


We have excellent training on 5S, which will make you understand the thinking behind this methodology, which is much more than cleaning!  So, do not hesitate to contact us if the desire to put order in your organization takes you!


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