The importance of communicating

Do you have communication challenges in your business? Does the information circulate well? Do people work collaboratively toward the same goals?

Communication is a constant challenge. We can never communicate enough. I am currently implementing communication meetings at two of my client’s. Why? To improve communication, coordinate activities, foster teamwork and collaboration. I also use these meetings to create a culture of continuous improvement.

During those meetings it is possible to talk about the day’s activities and those to come, goals to achieve, indicators of measurement and areas for improvement.

I recommend you to make a standard meeting agenda. Put it in writing and post it on a wall or write it on a board where you will meet. Following the meeting agenda items will help you find inspiration. Over time, you will no longer need it to guide you.

Last winter I set up communication meetings in another company. It was not easy at first. People did not see the benefits of these meetings and they were perceived as a waste of time. We are so busy dealing with everyday emergencies. To stop and talk for 15 minutes is difficult at the beginning. It requires a lot of discipline. If you don’t any excuse will be good to cancel the meeting. There will always be something more urgent to do.

However, when you take the time to talk to each other for a few minutes early in the day, you can easily gain an hour of time during the day. Why? Because you will probably have to talk about the same issues and things to coordinate during the day anyway. But you will do it in several conversations, because you will not be together so eventually you will lose more time than if you had taken 15 minutes to discuss it. This is precious time that you would like to have, I’m sure of it.

Coming back to my client last winter, at first he didn’t see value for these meetings. But I persevered with them. Today, I don’t have to explain why it is important to have a communication meeting in this company! They even added a meeting to better communicate. Today, no matter what happens, no matter the urgency, communication meetings will take place. And their efficiency will only increase.

Go ahead, set up communication meetings, all you need is discipline and teamwork!

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Note that our blog will be on vacation for the summer. We will be back in early September. We wish you a good summer!

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