To take your vacation or to get paid?

During this vacation period, I found the question appropriate. Are you someone who takes his vacations or someone who gets them paid?

During my career, I have seen several different policies depending on the company. Some companies offer the possibility of paying the full amount allocated to vacations, others only get paid one week on the accumulated weeks and others compel people to take their vacations in the current year, while others allow their employees to carry them forward to the following year, without the possibility of paying them.

Why would you want to have your vacations paid? Because you do not have time? You are stressed if you are not in the office in control of the situation? Because the company will collapse if you leave 2 or 3 weeks? If so, you should review the roles and responsibilities within your company to have more flexibility! A person who goes on vacation should not stop your world from turning. And nobody is totally indispensable, a former colleague often told me “cemeteries are full of indispensable people” which suggests that no one is.

Plan to have a succession plan for each employee, identify what can wait and what cannot and delegate these tasks to different colleagues to minimize the impact of these additional tasks on each one. Train them in advance. If you plan this correctly, there should be no end of the world during your vacation!

So why take your vacation? In my opinion, there are so many good reasons that I do not know where to start.

I do not say this for the first time, there are hundreds of articles and studies on the subject, vacations reduce stress, improve mental balance, good mood, creativity, improve health, risk of depression, increase productivity, etc.

Having a vacation policy that forces its employees to take the time off will certainly benefit your company. Your productivity will also increase!

Take your vacation, hang out and enjoy the time for yourself and your family. The work will come back soon enough, don’t worry!

So have a great vacation and if you need help setting up a succession plan, contact us!



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