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For my October blog, I’d like to talk to you about transformation. Transformation of what you ask? Of your company, of course.

Again this morning, I was talking with a colleague who works at BDC, because I am also an external consultant in operational performance improvement for BDC, and she told me how much Canadian companies need help and need to improve to stay alive.

This was already the case before COVID, but it is even more so today. Before, despite inefficiencies in operations, companies unfortunately managed to survive, with some results, although weak, but still. Today it’s even worse. Profits are declining, if not nonexistent. Challenges are greater, so are the efforts. The difficulty of finding labor doesn’t help. Difficulties in personnel management and cumbersome processes that I see at my clients aren’t helping either.

So what are you waiting for? Like I told a client of mine lately, you’re not fed up enough yet… if you were really fed up, you would do the right thing. He wants to change, but sometimes the rigor isn’t always there and he goes backwards and doesn’t move as fast as he would like. As everything starts from above, therefore from him, he must be the first to transform the way he manages his operations.

When the magic happens, and the transformation takes place, it’s amazing. I am currently working with a client, for whom I provide management coaching in addition to helping him transform his operations. The results are exceptional.

In terms of management coaching, they are better managers every day.  They now have a hiring process and mobilize more and more employees.  They also manage conflicts and have the courage to address situations with the disciplinary level required instead of tolerating problems because they don’t know how to approach employees with the problem. Result:  they have better employees, who are engaged and perform better.

The company’s key processes have all been optimized, including invoicing, which has gone from a period of more than 2 months to less than 2 weeks to invoice customers! This has clearly improved management of the cash flow. To get there, we first understood the current processes and identified all the opportunities, wasted time, delays, duplication of information and inefficient operations. We then took actions for every opportunity, and we eliminated the problems one after the other. We also established a new streamlined process and trained the team. Result: they are invoicing in less than 2 weeks instead of over 2 months. And it’s not over, they will get even better.

These 2 examples of transformations must make you want to start your own transformation. So, don’t wait. Unless you are not yet fed up of your daily challenges…  If so, contact me to begin transformation of your operations.

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