Our goal is to make your business more efficient

We can help your business scale to new heights



Because of the pandemic, we are working remotely and in respect of the public health rules.

Who are we

Founded by Liza Saulnier and Martin Bernier, Groupe conseil Bernier Saulnier specializes in business transformation. Our simple and structured approach is based on 25 years of real and practical experience in operations management and allows us to help committed business leaders who want to grow their organization.

Our mission

Our mission is to make companies more efficient in order to increase their profitability and competitiveness.

Our values

Every day, we do our work based on these values ​​that are part of us.


Each company is different because of its culture and its people. We really listen to your concerns and problems in order to offer you simple and concrete actions that will meet your expectations and your needs.


We firmly believe that as a team we can do anything. We work daily to reinforce this value in partnership with our clients in order to increase their force of action and to be able to improve and obtain better results.


Change is difficult, and transforming and improving your business takes tenacity. We have some! We will share it with you to help you solidify and maintain the changes so that your transformation is a success.

Sharing knowledge

We are independent and we want you to become independent too. The training and coaching on the principles of management and continuous improvement that we will use with you will allow you to acquire knowledge that you can reuse throughout the life of your business, in order to continue to surpass yourself.